For wholesales

mesh is in good Demand

If you become our partner, you will get the demanded products. LATYMER has a long production experience – more than 10 years. We closely follow the market requirement trends and constantly improve our product.


Advertising support of our trademark allows you to increase your sales. We provide our partners with all advertising materials.


You acquire a competitive product. We carry out quality control of our products at all stages: from its production to transportation.


All necessary products will be delivered to your warehouse in the shortest possible time. The presence of well-developed logistics allows LATYMER to carry out all shipments promptly. The goods are always in the required quantity in stock, even in the period of the highest demand.

free storage

LATYMER offers a unique for the market service – free storage of your order in our warehouse for up to 30 days. This greatly optimizes your logistics costs.


You can increase your income. Sale of a fiberglass mesh LATYMER is a profitable business, your revenue is about 30% of the wholesale price.