The mesh is super flexible and elastic. It reliably reinforces the surface, even if a thick layer of plaster is applied, it allows creating a strong plaster layer on such materials as mineral wool, foaming plastic, polystyrene.

Specifications of mesh for plaster LATYMER Professional 145


Type of yarn

Mesh size, mm

Mass per unit area, g/m2

Tensile strength, N/mm


Roll size, m

The number of rolls in the package, pcs

14-145 E-glass 4 × 5 145 ± 3% ≥32 / ≥44 white 1 х 50 32
14-545 E-glass 4 × 5 145 ± 3% ≥32 / ≥44 yellow 1 х 50 32

Description of fiberglass mesh LATYMER Professional 145

Fiberglass mesh LATYMER PROFESSIONAL is manufactured as a premium export product. It is used at External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS).

The fiberglass mesh professionally reinforces and powerfully fixes the surface even in the case of thick plastering on large areas of tall buildings and skyscrapers.

Thanks to the smaller mesh size (4×5 mm), the fiberglass mesh perfectly adheres to the wall with a large number of small inclusions. The mesh has increased mechanical tensile strength (≥32 / ≥44 N/mm), resistance to acids, alkalis, temperature and moisture.

The characteristics of fiberglass mesh from PROFESSIONAL series are confirmed by European certificates (ETA, FPC). This product complies with the requirements of ETAG004 and is СE marked.

The fiberglass mesh is characterized by superelasticity and practicality. It is convenient to use.

The PROFESSIONAL series reliably reinforces the facade and is able to maintain its integrity for 25 years.