Advantages of cooperation with LATYMER

Advantages of cooperation with factory LATYMER высококачественной стекловолоконной фасадной сетки

LATYMER is the largest factory in Ukraine for the production of high-quality fiberglass facade mesh, certified according to EU standards.

LATYMER is more than 10 years of successful production experience, quality raw materials and modern technologies. 

LATYMER is a team of specialists and advanced equipment – a guarantee of the highest quality of facade reinforcing mesh. Our own laboratory and quality control at every stage of production is a thorough check of each batch of manufactured products.  

LATYMER fiberglass mesh complies with building norms and regulations of Ukraine and EU. It is supplied to the market of Ukraine and the countries of the European Union. The minimum order quantity is one pallet . We ship by different delivery services or you can take your order with your own transport.

LATYMER facade mesh is quality at affordable prices! 

We are waiting for your orders, together we will support the economy of Ukraine to Victory!