Building leaders of Ukraine insulate facades with reinforcing mesh Latymer

The largest construction company in Sumy region, Sumbud, called the Latymer fiberglass mesh for plaster an integral element of a successful building project with a “mega-strong facade”.

This characteristic was given by their foreman Sergey Tkachenko, who has more than 15 years of experience in his field.

«Clothes make the man», the same is in construction: people evaluate whether a house is elite by how it looks. A beautiful facade is the key to a successful construction project, but if in a year your facade cracks, you, as a developer, will have serious complaints. The secret is in the quality of building materials. For insulation SumBud uses fiberglass reinforcing mesh Latymer, which holds the facade, protects the building from cracks and destruction” – the builder Sergey comments and, finally, shares his professional advice: which fiberglass mesh is better to choose.

Сетка для штукатурки Latymer. Какую плотность выбирают строители?