CRUSH TEST. Mesh for plaster: Chinese versus LATYMER. Which facade mesh is better?

КРАШ-ТЕСТ. Сітка для штукатурки: китайська проти LATYMER. Яка фасадна сітка краще? Cетка для штукатурки Mesh for plaster


Sumy builders conducted a crash test, checking the strength of the Chinese and our fiberglass using a game of golf.


The video clearly shows why it is not worth saving money if you have a choice: mesh for plaster from China or a European product from the Ukrainian manufacturer LATYMER.

“We insulate facades to save money, but do not always save ultimately. How to insulate the facade for 25 years,  so that it provides reliable thermal insulation, do not fall on someone’s  head and resists hail?

So, let’s look at wet facade insulation system: heater, reinforcing layer, decorative layer.

Reinforcing mesh for plaster – this is the material that guarantees strength. Sometimes builders save on it”, comments Sergey Tkachenko, Foreman in the construction company SumBud. A specialist with 15 years of experience recommends to think: is it worth saving and taking a cheap Chinese mesh (if its cost is only 5-7% of the cost of the entire insulation system) and as a result suffer losses due to the destruction of the facade very soon?

The results of the crash test, how the plaster behaves during impacts similar to a very strong hail, are in the video.