LATYMER announced the TOP-6 new opportunities for customers

fiberglass reinforcing mesh LATYMER

Our company celebrated its 7th birthday and summed up the work over the past year. There were six key changes in 2018-2019 for customer benefit.

The first is a certified by European Union product. In spring 2019 fiberglass reinforcing mesh LATYMER received the European Certificate of Conformity (ETA, FPC) with the right to be labeled with the CE mark.

The second is clear conditions for cooperation. The company formed a “dealership policy” and began the process of establishing representative offices in the regions of Ukraine.

The third is affordable and operative delivery. LATYMER managers have improved logistics, reducing the cost of services and increasing efficiency.

The fourth is improved quality. LATYMER employees underwent training at the famous Vetrotex College, which significantly influenced the quality of fiberglass mesh due to the selection of raw materials for it according to European practices.

The fifth is relevant roll sizes. Fiberglass mesh rolls were produced with convenient for builders winding of 10, 20 and 40 meters.

The sixth is protection. “Trade House “LATYMER” LTD became a member of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine and joined the entrepreneurs who offer qualitative building materials in the Ukrainian market.

We are confident in the company: LATYMER successes are new opportunities for our partners. Therefore, it’s time to develop and work further.