LATYMER introduced a new product and a STANDARD line

From May 15 to May 18, 2018 at the international exhibition Intertool Kiev and the largest exhibition of energy-efficient solutions for the construction АquaTherm Kyiv, the company LATYMER introduced a new fiberglass mesh in the STANDARD line. 

“More than five years of experience of our company has allowed us to create a high-class product that will successfully compete even with European trademarks. We guarantee a full production cycle. The European raw materials are used for the STANDARD mesh: E-glass fiber yarn and adhesive coating with high adhesion. Thanks to these advantages, the LATYMER STANDARD fiberglass mesh promises a revolutionary price-performance ratio,” said Alexander Dovgulya, a Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Trade House “LATYMER”.

The range of the claimed line includes glass fibre reinforcing mesh of two types of density (mass per unit area): 140 g/m 2 and 160 g/m 2 . It is used to strengthen the surface during exterior plastering and thermal insulation works. Glass fibre mesh LATYMER STANDARD is quite elastic, resistant to stretching, it blocks aggressive alkaline environment, and also relieves the internal stresses of a facade.

“At present, fiberglass mesh LATYMER is in great demand. This is an indispensable reinforcing material that is used in modern systems of façade thermal insulation (ETICS) in order to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. It has low thermal conductivity, holds well a frame of a building, resists large temperature differences. In general, these characteristics make it possible to protect the facade from cracks and damage for many years, ” said Tatyana Mostovenko, a Head of the sales department of the “Trade House “LATYMER”.

We would remind you that in 2018 the annual construction event Intertool Kyiv was firstly held at the same venue with the Aqua-Therm Kyiv exhibition, which gained international recognition due to the promotion of innovations in energy efficiency, manufacturability and resource saving. The unprecedentedly large-scale event attracted a huge number of visitors oriented to work in B2B format.