The fiberglass reinforcing mesh LATYMER ECONOMIC has higher density now

At the instance of customers, our company has improved the range of reinforcing fiberglass mesh for plastering works in the LATYMER ECONOMIC line.

In exchange for the previously declared name “Fiberglass reinforcing mesh ECONOMIC 135 g/m 2 and 155 g/m 2 ”, our factory has produced a product of higher density with better characteristics of tensile strength and elongation. Thus, from October 2018, our managers will offer you three names in the LATYMER ECONOMIC line with mass per unit area of 140 g/m 2 , 160 g/m 2 and previously popular 125 g/m 2.

Their characteristics are recorded in the Technical Specifications of the enterprise (TU U 23.1- 26612172-001: 2013) and Technical Data Sheets of the goods.

As a Production Director of the “Trade House “LATYMER” LTD Igor Osadchenko explains, today the ECONOMIC line is a certified product that meets the quality standards: “We guarantee quality at an affordable price. Each ECO fiberglass roll is accompanied by a sticker or label, is marked and undergoes a strict system control”. Therefore – we advise!

However, one should not forget that a LATYMER customer can always purchase a higher quality product: a European quality glass fibre mesh or with an optimal price-quality ratio – in this case we recommend products in the PROFESSIONAL and STANDARD lines.