The sales of the mesh for plaster LATYMER have increased by 1.5 times

the mesh for plaster LATYMER

By the end of 2018, sales of LATYMER construction glass fibre reinforcing mesh have increased by 1.5 times. The company has also increased its share of the Ukrainian fiberglass market, which has already exceeded 10%.

Igor Osadchenko, a Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Trade House “LATYMER” LTD, is sure that due to new brand product our company was able to attract significantly larger number of wholesale customers and ensure stable sales.

“In the spring of 2018, we offered a unique line of the LATYMER product range to the construction markets of Ukraine and Europe – a glass fibre mesh with a “customized” philosophy. These are 7 product types in the Economic, Standard and Professional series. Each series was developed by our specialists taking into account the preferences of different groups of consumers.

I am sure that wide choice, high tensile strength rates and good Ukrainian price have allowed us to create a competitive product and reach new sales volumes”, the manager comments.

It is important to note that the progress in the company does not stop. At this stage, the branded product is being tested in the European laboratory of the Technical and Testing Institute for Construction Prague in the Czech Republic. The purpose of these tests is to obtain the right to label the fiberglass mesh with the CE marking and fill the European market.