LATYMER added a new service in the production of facade mesh

Фасадна сітка з логотипом Строительная сетка фасадная с рисунком logo branding of facade mesh

On the eve of the New Year 2021, the LATYMER plant launched a line for logo branding of facade mesh.

Facade mesh with your drawing

Now you have the opportunity to make your product unique, protect your products with your brand, and stand out among many similar products.

We are ready to accept for production wholesale individual orders with your brand (Private Label). Facade mesh with a pattern or simply with the name of the company can significantly increase your sales and favorably distinguish you from your competitors. Also, the logo on the plaster mesh will increase your brand awareness and protect against low-quality counterfeits.

Facade construction mesh with a pattern/logo is produced in the following standard colors: green, orange, yellow, blue, olive and white. A logo is applied in one color. The volumes of orders that are accepted for the production of plaster mesh with logo are from 64 pallets (approximately 100,000 m2).

On our Youtube channel for review there is a visual video demonstration of the logo printing process.

To place orders at competitive prices, you can contact us through your regional manager. We advise you not to delay making decisions. Since closer to the spring construction season, our production will be overloaded with orders.