LATYMER certifies its products for CE marking

стекловолоконной сетки LATYMER glass fibre mesh

LATYMER has started its glass fibre mesh certification process for obtaining the right of “CE” marking in compliance with EU standards.

This decision was made by the company's management in order to demonstrate to European consumers the high quality of Ukrainian products and its compliance with strict EU directives.

“We want to supply LATYMER glass fibre mesh to the major distribution networks of the European Union member countries. “CE” marking is a certain challenge, an opportunity to declare that our product meets the technical requirements of Europe: it has high tensile strength, resistance to aggressive environment, and is eco-friendly and harmless”, said Alexander Dovgulia, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In his conviction, obtaining a European Technical Assessment will increase sales and enable the Ukrainian glass fibre mesh to compete freely and honestly with Western manufacturers.