Packaging technology: we increase the production speed of LATYMER by 5 times

упаковку рулонов сетки в термоусадочную пленку упаковку рулонів сітки в термоусадочну плівку packaging of mesh rolls in thermal film

Serious companies pack fiberglass mesh in special packaging to protect it against dust and moisture.

Typically, there are two types of packaging rolls: polyethylene sleeve and thermal/shrink film.

The first option is cheaper; it is often used by Chinese manufacturers of mesh for plaster. The second packaging option was previously usually used only in EU countries.

In 2018, LATYMER was the first company in Ukraine to use the packaging of mesh rolls in thermal film and offered this type of product to its customers. Prior to this, the rolls were packed only in a PVC sleeve. Almost 90% of all our customers enjoyed this idea.

Now it is important for a consumer not only mechanical protection of a product, but also its aesthetic appearance. Fiberglass mesh looks more attractive in shrink/thermal film than in polyethylene sleeve. A roll in “shrink pack” looks more profitable on the shelves of building supermarkets, especially among many other types of similar products.

Responding to the increased demand for this type of packaging, we decided to modernize the packaging equipment and purchased a new shrinking machine.

Without going into too much details (the new packaging machine has photoelectric sensors for automatic detection of the product, performs automatic packaging, has high efficiency and speed) we can simply state the fact that the machine allows us to pack all 835 rolls made per a shift. Previously, the plant’s equipment could pack in “shrink pack” only a quarter of the shift produced – 150-200 rolls.

Now we can 100% satisfy your wishes – to wrap LATYMER products in a European type of packaging.

And in what packaging does your company buy fiberglass mesh?