Ukrainian national facade fiberglass mesh manufacturer LATYMER has successfully passed the EOTA audit

Український національний виробник фасадної сітки LATYMER успішно пройшов аудит EOTА. Украинский национальный производитель фасадной сетки LАTYMER успешно прошел аудит EOTA Ukrainian national facade fiberglass mesh manufacturer LATYMER has successfully passed the EOTA audit

Trade House LATYMER Limited Company received ETA certificate in 2019. Since that time every year representatives of EOTA (European Organization for Technical Assessment in the field of building materials) carry annual audit at our production.

On February 11th, 2022, the regular audit at the LATYMER plant was successfully completed.

During the audit, first of all, compliance with the established European quality standards for the products manufactured by the plant was checked. Also, the educational and qualification level, staff training, the plant’s laboratory, all the processes for the production of the facade mesh and the implementation of direct quality control of the facade mesh were checked.

Special attention was given to the analysis of the process of selecting a supplier of primary raw materials for production, control of the logistics process and shipment of LATYMER products to the client’s warehouse.

According to the conclusions of the EOTA representatives, the plant’s products, their production process and the qualifications of the personnel comply with the European technical assessment of the ETA and the FPS certificate.

The European Technical Assessment ETA is valid in all Member States of the EU and the European Economic Area. This certificate gives the right to mark the products with the CE marking and export them to the countries of the European Union.

The absence of such a certificate makes it impossible for low-quality products to appear on the EU market, and, accordingly, in facade insulation systems. This document is a kind of guarantee that the plaster layer in facade insulation systems using glass fibre mesh tested in accordance with the requirements of the European Assessment Document EAD 040016-00-0404 (formerly ETAG 004) will be strong for at least 25 years. The actual service life under normal operating conditions can be even longer.

We always recommend using only high-quality, certified building materials in construction.

LATYMER is a product with European quality!