How to connect two pieces of facade mesh together?

Як поєднати два шматки фасадної сітки. Как соединить два куска фасадной сетки How to connect two pieces of facade mesh together?

The purpose of the facade mesh is to become a frame for plaster, to keep the shape of the wall, prevent it from “floatting”. That is why it is important for fiberglass reinforcing mesh to be smooth, to have  cells of the same size, which do not deform and «move out». But how can this be achieved if, in one way or another, the wall is wider than the roll of mesh? How to connect two pieces of facade mesh without deformation?

There can not be two opinions on this matter. There is a standard DSTU B V.2.6-36:2008, according to which the facade mesh made of fiberglass is laid overlap. Moreover, the overlap width must be at least 10 cm (clause 12.3.8 of the standard). So, if you end one piece of mesh with another, make sure they don’t lie back to back, but overlap. Be sure to take this point into account when calculating the required footage of a fiberglass mesh for insulating the facade of a building.

In order not to lose money and at the same time to correctly lay the mesh, it is important that the actual length of the roll corresponds to the similar figure on the label. Unfortunately, imported manufacturers often “lose” a meter or two on large consignments of facade mesh. Therefore, we recommend purchasing facade mesh from trusted manufacturers such as LATYMER. The mesh of the Ukrainian manufacturer LATYMER will never let you down!

LATYMER’s facade mesh has one more quality: it does not break when laid. Poor-quality mesh is shaggy and tears right in the hands of “facade builders”. Because of what they are forced to use  additional  centimeters of mesh. Indeed, if  there is a crack on the mesh, overlap is necessary. Otherwise, there will be no reinforcing effect, the plaster will “float”. However, if the fiberglass breaks too often, no amount of overlap will help. You just have to throw out the low-quality material. This means that you will be wasting your money – after all, no one will return it to you. It is barely possible  to receive compensation for damage from an import no-name mesh producer. A Ukrainian manufacturer is a completely different matter! In case of disputable cases, it is much  easier  to make a complaint to him. He cannot but react to it. However, you are unlikely to have to make  a claim to LATYMER. The quality of these products has been recognized in Europe. More than half of the mesh produced by LATYMER is sold there.