Plastering mesh: when is it used?

Штукатурна сітка: коли використовується? Штукатурная сетка: когда используется? Plastering mesh: when is it used?

This question is difficult. Some people call plaster mesh any façade one. And some call so only low-density mesh, which can be used exclusively in interior decoration work. We are terminological purists. Therefore, for us, plaster mesh, facade mesh and reinforcing fiberglass mesh are the same. This material is just divided into three categories:

  • low density mesh, used only for interior decoration of the apartment;
  • standard density mesh used in the construction of the facade;
  • high density mesh, used to reinforce the facades of the first and basement floors, if they require special protection.

Let’s talk in details about plaster mesh and when it is used in construction.

The task of the mesh is to ensure the solidity of the “wall + plaster” structure. First of all, the facade mesh is used in the construction, in fact, of facades, when insulation is done. The insulated wall and the plaster must be one solid system. The facade mesh is the frame for this structure. If you do not put it down or put it badly, the plaster “creeps” during drying under the influence of gravity. And then it cracks and collapses. Subsequently, the facade may collapse altogether. There are many such cases in Ukraine and in the world.

In interior decoration, plaster mesh is used when the walls are so uneven that the plaster has to be laid in layers of very different thicknesses. If there are irregularities that deviate by 3 cm or so, you cannot do without mesh at all. Because a layer of plaster of this thickness will certainly “creep” and crack. If the unevenness is less, the mesh can help, but is not so necessary. It is also used if stucco molding is provided in the interior decoration. Areas with it must be strengthened.

Since the quality of the mesh determines whether the wall will collapse, we recommend using the LATYMER fiberglass facade mesh. It is of Ukrainian origin, and its quality is European. About 50% of all products of this brand are sold in the EU countries. LATYMER is the only Ukrainian manufacturer that has not only Ukrainian but also international quality certificates. With this mesh, you can be sure that your walls are completely safe.

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