Installation of fiberglass mesh: brief instructions and features

Монтаж штукатурної сітки: коротка інструкція та особливості. Особенности монтажа штукатурной сетки The peculiarities of installing the fiberglass mesh

The peculiarities of installing the fiberglass mesh depends on where exactly the mesh is laid.

  • The first option is to strengthen the plaster during finishing work inside the apartment. The mesh is used here if the wall is uneven or for various reasons a thick layer of plaster is provided. We recommend two ways to fix the mesh in this case: on a primer or on a dowel. We recommend placing the mesh on a primer to ensure a snug fit. A mesh is placed on the primer layer, pressed into the damp primer, from above you can strengthen it with dowels in the upper part. On top of it, the first layer of plaster is placed, which is rubbed with a spatula directly into the mesh of the mesh. After it has dried, the final layer of plaster is applied.
  • The second option is wall insulation during construction using the “wet facade” technology. And this is where the problems begin. The fact is that many advise the same methods of installing the plaster mesh: on dowels or a primer. But with the “wet facade” technology, the mesh is laid over the insulation, and it is often also attached to the dowels. And it turns out that other dowels are placed on top of the dowels. This is a fragile construction, so you should not do this. Therefore, if your insulation is not just put on glue, but is also fixed with dowels, put the mesh only on a primer. Moreover, this is exactly what Ukrainian state standard ДСТУБ В.2.6-36:2008 prescribes, which literally reads the following: “a protective layer over a heat-insulating layer with a reinforcing mesh made of alkali-resistant fiberglass recessed into it”. Then, according to the same ДСТУ, another layer of protective coating (usually plaster) is applied, then a layer of adhesive primer, then a decorative protective coating.

So that the installation of the plaster mesh is not a problem, buy only high-quality materials: both plaster, and a primer, and the mesh itself. We recommend LATYMER fiberglass mesh, which has European quality at Ukrainian prices. It is convenient to lay it, it does not prick, does not get shaggy, does not break in the hands, it is even, with the same cells, keeps its shape well… And meets all the norms of both ДСТУ and European standards.

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