The best way for facade insulation

Утеплення фасаду будинку: чим краще? Утепление фасада дома чем лучше The best way for facade insulation

Now many people insulate their homes. And it may seem that this is just such a fashion. Why follow it, it will soon pass. We are of a different opinion. We are sure: a house with an insulated facade is better than a house without it.

  • First, as you might guess, it is warm. You will save on heating costs. And even buying the most expensive materials, you will win. Because the insulated facade does not need to be changed for at least 25 years. And with quality materials – much longer.
  • Secondly, it looks good. Moreover, how exactly to bring beauty is up to you, and not to those who built your house (unless, of course, it was also you). Because only you decide what the decorative layer will be. At least paint it or stick it with stucco.
  • Finally, it works for the future. In many countries, a house without an insulated facade cannot be put into operation. And the old houses are forced to remodel.  In order  the facade insulated with ETICS  may serve long time, it is important to use high-quality materials. Using of  cheap materials, may cause the facade to collapse! Every little thing matters. For example, the reignforcing fiberglass mesh may seem to be  insignificant detail. But if you take a low-quality one, the facade will crack soon. There are cases when the facade collapsed due to poor-quality reinforcing glass fibre mesh.

Therefore, we advise you not to tempt fate and buy only certified materials, the quality of which can be proven. Such as the Ukrainian reignforcing fiberglass facade mesh LATYMER. It meets the standards, which is confirmed by Ukrainian and European certificates. About half  of Latymer’s products are sold in the countries of the European Union. And this is not surprising: with excellent quality, the price for this reignforcing fiberglass mesh is Ukrainian. That is, lower than for European brands. In addition, LATYMER 5×5, 5×4 and 5×6 fiberglass mesh is perfectly combined with a variety of ETICS materials, including leading European brands. Thus, you can use it to make highest level insulation of your house.

So do not doubt, buy LATYMER!