Installation of reinforcing fiberglass mesh LATYMER

скловолоконна сітка LATYMER Glass fibre mesh LATYMER

Fast, qualitatively and reliably! Fixing of fiberglass mesh to plaster should be done according to certain rules. As quality of LATYMER product and façade of your house will depend on this.

Main recommendations:

  1. Glass fibre mesh LATYMER is installed after fixing of thermal insulation material to the base surface.
  2. A rough coat of plaster is applied to the insulation material. Works are carried out on small areas, as the mixture tends to harden quickly.
  3. The glass fibre mesh is cut according to required size and put to the non-congealed solution. Next, take a wide spatula, smooth out mesh and press it a bit into the freshly applied plaster.
  4. After that, you should wait till the surface with the mesh dries well.
  5. During installation of LATYMER glass fibre mesh, it is necessary to ensure that each strip finds a previous strip with an overlap of 15-20 cm. Otherwise, cracks may appear during operation.
  6. When spackling is completed, one can start applying the finishing layer.

Now you know how to fix a glass fiber mesh to the wall. This instruction will help you to use it qualitatively for a long time.