Arguments: Why leading trade and construction companies recommend reinforcing fiberglass mesh Latymer?

склосітка українського виробництва LATYMER Ukrainian-made glass fibre mesh LATYMER

Intergips is a company with a proven reputation, holding a strong and stable position in the Ukrainian market in the field of building and finishing materials. In its assortment there are more than 1,000 items of product groups from European and Ukrainian manufacturers, intended for the construction, repair and decoration. “The successful reputation of Intergips is largely due to its selectivity: we offer our clients only high-quality building materials,” comments our interlocutor, Head of Procurement Department Natalia Lozovaya.


– Natalia, please tell us how long Intergips has been working on the Ukrainian market? What are its features?

– In 2017 we were 20 years of age! The main activity of the company is the wholesale and retail trade of building materials from leading European and Ukrainian manufacturers. We work with brands that are well-known in the world: Knauf, Сeresit, Thomsit, Baumit, Kreizel, Siltek, Polimin, Satyn … We offer our buyers consultations from experienced experts on materials from the foundation to the roof. Managers of Intergips help to choose the most suitable building materials, directly based on the needs and wishes of the client and his  allocated budget for repair or construction.


– How often and in what cases do your managers recommend products from LATYMER?

– Today one of the most popular areas is the insulation of apartments and houses. Ukrainians want to pay less for energy supply. We offer to insulate an appartment. Thus, the owners reduce the thermal conductivity of the house and reduce the cost of energy consumption. Of course, the External thermal insulation systems are quite multi-layered, despite this, it is the LATYMER glass fibre mesh that significantly increases the durability of the entire energy-saving system and ensures the mechanical strength of the coating.


– By what criteria does Intergips determine the quality of the glass fibre mesh LATYMER?

– It is important for us that the Ukrainian-made glass fibre mesh LATYMER is certified, accompanied by a guarantee and is not inferior in its performance characteristics to the leading European trademarks. Time and customer feedbacks showed: glass fibre mesh LATYMER reliably protects the surface from the formation of cracks and splits, as well as from sudden temperature changes and humidity. It holds the cell tightly, alkali-resistant, elastic, but at the same time is cheaper than European analogues.


– Being a Head of the Procurement Department of the large trading and construction company, is it easy for you to cooperate with LATYMER?

– Personally, I like the approach of the company’s management: there is always a range of product samples available, possibility of an individual order (choice of color, adhesive coating, cell size, mass per unit area, packaging, label) and, of course, the process of manufacture itself – LATYMER delivers its products in time.


– What would you wish for construction companies that do not use our product yet?

– At least once to try: the price-quality ratio of the glass fibre mesh LATYMER will surely please!