5 important tips for wall insulation

5 важливих порад з утеплення стін фасаду «мокрим» методом. Утепление стен wall insulation

Wall insulation is an important stage in construction work, but very often one tries to save money on this process. When the deadline of putting a house into operation is nearing and by this moment the main costs have already been made, builders do not want to go beyond the budget! This mistake is often very expensive. Insufficient quality insulation system can even lead to the collapse of the facade.


Here are 5 tips that will be useful when insulating any facade, especially if you use polystyrene foam:

  1. Do not save on materials:

This does not mean that you should buy the most expensive product on the market, not at all. But all materials for insulation should:

– comply with standards;

– have documents confirming this.

One should not buy low-quality polystyrene, plaster, reinforcing mortar or facade mesh. This is fire hazard, and generally pointless: poor materials will not insulate, bad reinforcing agents will not strengthen, money will be spent, and the facade will go cracked or even collapse.

Our factory produces facade fiberglass mesh LATYMER, and we can confirm with certificates, both Ukrainian and European, the quality of our products. We can prove that our mesh complies with the standards, which means that it can be used in insulation systems.

At the same time, there are a lot of materials on the market that do not have any certificates, and sometimes their technical characteristics are below the established standards. Do not be fooled!

  1. Do not insulate uneven walls

If it turns out that the walls are not perfectly smooth, align them before insulating. Any irregularities will lead to heat loss, delamination of the insulation, cracks in the plaster. Cracks on the walls are also unacceptable.

  1. Fit material tightly, do not leave gaps

Polystyrene slabs must be tightly fitted, the facade mesh is overlapped so that the edges overlap by 10 cm. Naturally, the glue should hold tight, as well as a reinforcing solution.

  1. Never put the reinforcing mesh on dry polystyrene slab!

This is one of the most harmful tips you can hear. Sometimes it is also advised to nail mesh with dowels. There is a standard that clearly describes how to put insulation on the wall. It is necessary to adhere to it, because all materials are made specifically for this standard. Similarly, the requirement to make fire belts in high-rise buildings cannot be ignored.

  1. Do not partially insulate – for example, only on a part of the wall or not on all walls

At the border of insulated and non-insulated areas, due to the temperature difference, the wall will go cracked, even if you use high-quality materials.


Insulate correctly! Follow technology, use quality materials such as facade mesh LATYMER.