Facade mesh: which one should you choose and why?

фасад сітка facade

Building a house and putting it into operation is difficult, long and expensive process, but it’s half the battle.

Lack of attention to details can lead to tragedy.

Each year in Ukraine 1000 facades collapse, and not always it is a question of old, dilapidated houses.

Why it happens and how to avoid it?

How does a facade mesh for plaster save the facade?

Every professional builder knows that the facade wall should be reinforced with mesh before plastering. But sometimes even experienced specialists make a mistake when choosing a non-quality option, and the facade quickly goes cracked, or even collapses. Mesh may turn out to be so bad that the first cracks appear very quickly and interfere with putting the house into operation. We, the Ukrainian company LATYMER, will never offer you such a product.

So, what does the facade mesh for plaster do:

– like a frame, it holds a plaster layer;

– as a rule, plaster and wall react differently to changes in temperature and humidity. Mesh here works as a kind of buffer and prevents cracking;

– it is very durable, therefore it protects the facade well.

The goal determines the means: what should be reinforcing mesh?

Mesh must conform to a specific standard. So, cells should have strictly defined size, fiber should have high tensile strength and resistance to alkaline environment, stretching and deformation.  If the mesh stretches, it will not be able to prevent the formation of cracks.

Trying to save money, one chooses the cheaper option – and this is the case when the avaricious pays twice. The cost of the reinforcing mesh is not more than 7% of the cost of the entire insulation system, and the difference in price between low-quality and high-quality products is even less, but the consequences are estimated not only in huge sums of money, but sometimes in human lives.

Why one should buy LATYMER?

We will make a note at once: not by much, but our products are more expensive than Chinese. The reason is simple: it has better quality (and we can prove it). And let LATYMER has not become known to the whole world yet – this is temporary! Now we already export more than 50% of our mesh to the EU countries. Our product is certified in the EU and is constantly undergoing international quality control.

Thus, buying facade reinforcing mesh LATYMER:

– you support a domestic manufacturer;

– you get real European quality.