How to fix fiberglass mesh for plaster to the wall?

Як правильно кріпиться штукатурна сітка. Как правильно крепится штукатурная сетка How is plaster mesh properly fixed

Mesh for plaster is very simple building material. It is intuitively clear how to handle it. Therefore, builders often do not go into details and lay it down, as common sense tells them. But sometimes they make mistakes.

How is plaster mesh properly fixed?

First of all, it is not fixed in the literal sense of the word. That is, it is not nailed down, screwed down, fixed on top with small blocks or something similar. The mesh is embedded in a thick material, which then hardens, according to the standards. This is a fresh cement reinforcing mortar with a thickness of 2-10 mm. And this whole structure should be located on the top of an insulation layer fixed to the wall.

The mesh is overlapped: the edges should overlap by 10 cm. Otherwise, the strength at the edges will decrease – and this is already a violation of technology.

On the one hand, the mortar must penetrate sufficiently inside the fibers from which the mesh is woven. It is in order to form a monolithic structure when solidified. On the other hand, the mesh should not corrode. Well, it will still corrode. Because the plaster (and the mesh is usually dipped into the plaster), until it hardens, is an aggressive alkaline environment. It corrodes everything, it is inevitable. However, this is the trick: mesh must withstand and not dissolve more than the standard allows.

That is why it is especially important to choose a high-quality mesh that meets all the requirements. We urge you not to buy the cheapest mesh, on which not only the manufacturer, but also the technical parameters are not indicated. And which in most cases does not meet the standards. Spend a little more money. Get a trusted brand. And you will not have to worry about the durability of the facade.

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