Instructions for verifying the authenticity of the European ETA certificate in two steps

Фасадная сетка для систем фасадов сертификат Facade mesh for facade systems certificate

Facade mesh LATYMER for facade insulation systems has been certified by the ETA certificate (European Technical Assessment) since March 2019 as fiberglass mesh for reinforcing of cement-based renderings. This important certificate is valid in all 27 EU and EEA member states as well as Turkey, the UK and Switzerland. Since ETA assessments are standardized, if evaluated and approved by the competent government authorities, their validity can be extended to other countries.


What does the ETA certificate give?

First, it is a confirmation of the high quality of the products. The assessment methods included in the European Assessment Document EAD 040016-00-0404 were written based on the manufacturer’s request to take into account the service life of the fiberglass mesh for an intended use of 25 years. That is, certified fiberglass meshes are guaranteed to hold the plaster layer for at least 25 years. The actual service life can be much longer under normal operating conditions without seriously degrading the quality of the product affecting the basic requirements for work.

Secondly, the European Union thus protected its market and consumers from low-quality products. Facade mesh, for example, without such a certificate cannot appear at any facility. In Europe, both builders and consumers are interested in using only high-quality building materials.

Some suppliers may claim to have this certification. But is it really so? To protect yourself from fraudulent documents, it is usually useful for to know how it can be easy verified: is this document provided by the supplier or a fake copy?


How to verify the authenticity of the European ETA certificate?

We have made a short guide for you on how to check the European certificate in two steps. Let’s take an example of our ETA certificate issued to the LATYMER plant.

Step 1. Go to the official website of the EOTA Belgium organization. The site is easily found in search engines when you enter the abbreviation of the organization.

Step 2. In the search field (section ETAssessments) enter the certificate number, for example 18/0990 (the number should be exactly as on the original document) and click Submit.

The search result will give confirmation of the presence of a European certificate for the requested number. When you expand the search result, the site will display the following information:

  1. Date of issue of the certificate, number, version;
  2. Products certified;
  3. Certificate holder (manufacturer)
  4. The organization that made the technical assessment;
  5. Evaluation bases on which the tests were carried out.


In the case of our LATYMER facade mesh example:

1 Number / version ETA Number18/0990
Date of issue01/03/2019
2 Product Trade name: Fiberglass reinforcing mesh 140, Fiberglass reinforcing mesh 160, Fiberglass reinforcing mesh 145, Fiberglass reinforcing mesh 165

Generic type and use: Glass fibre mesh for reinforcement of cement based renderings

3 Holder / Manufacturer Holder of assessment: TRADE HOUSE «LATYMER» LIMITED COMPANY
Holder Address: 1 Gagarin street, Builing 340
Holder Postal code: 41100
Holder City: Shostka town
Holder Country: Ukraine
4 Technical Assessment Body Issuing TAB – TZUS
5 Assessment basis Reference number: EAD 040016-00-0404
6 AVCP EU decision number (OJEU)1997/0556/EC


Now you know how to check the authenticity of the European ETA certificate.

Use only quality, certified products. And your facade will serve you for many years.