We produce fiberglass mesh in a complete cycle

виробник будівельної склосітки скловолоконну сітку в повному циклі building fiberglass mesh

LATYMER is a large and the only in Ukraine manufacturer of fiberglass mesh for building purposes in a complete cycle. The presence of a complete technological cycle gives a number of advantages. For dealers and wholesale buyers it is an opportunity to get high-quality goods at the lowest possible prices, guarantee of the prompt order fulfillment, as well as the right to choose the characteristics of the product and packaging.


“Trade House “LATYMER” LTD is located on the territory of the Industrial park “Svema” in Shostka town, Sumy region (Ukraine).

The plant with an area of 2,264 m2 is equipped with 29 professional looms. The innovative machines provide an annual production of 12,000,000 m2 of fiberglass mesh.

Particular attention is paid to primary raw materials. LATYMER uses the European raw materials: high-quality E-glass fiber and alkali-resistant polymer dispersion. Thanks to qualitative characteristics of the materials LATYMER mesh meets the EU standards: has high tensile strength and elongation, high alkali resistance, and withstands drops of temperature and humidity.

The technological process of fiberglass mesh manufacturing consists of three main stages.

The first and second stages are warping and weaving. Hundreds of bobbins with fiberglass yarn pass the stage of warping from the creel to warp beam. After that, the warp beam is put in a professional loom where the weft yarn (fiberglass roving) is being inserted. Mesh is constructed using leno weave and can have various mesh sizes. Thus, as a result of the interweaving of the two system threads (warp and weft) a seamlessly woven fiberglass mesh is formed.

To obtain a product that can meet a number of technical requirements, the third stage – impregnation (coating) – is very important.

In the processing department, the woven material (loom state mesh) is charged into a special coating-drying machine and is polymerized with a color/colorless adhesive dispersion at 120-160°C. Already dried fiberglass mesh is wound on a cardboard sleeve.

At this stage, the main technological process is completed, but LATYMER mesh acquires marketable style only after passing through one more operation – packaging.

Rolls are branded with a label (with the date and batch number), packed in a thermal film, installed in cardboard boxes on wooden pallets and shipped to the finished goods warehouse.

It is important: samples of each batch of LATYMER fiberglass mesh pass quality control in a certified laboratory. In the Registry of Breaking Load, the lab technician records the tensile strength and elongation of the mesh in as-delivered state and after alkali conditioning according to ETAG 004. After that, a Protocol of finished products and a Quality Passport are compiled.