What is facade mesh for plaster made of?

скловолокно. стекловолокно Fiberglass

The short answer to this question is glass. But if you answer in detail, everything, of course, is much more interesting.

Fiberglass yarn production

Yes, first they take sand and make glass. It sounds primitive, but in practice glass fibre yarn is of very different quality. LATYMER buys only EU-certified raw materials, because our products must comply with European standards.

Fiberglass is made from molten glass by extruding or pulling strands from it. The technology is very tricky, and the fiber thus obtained seems to be made of glass, but its properties are different: it does not break but bends easily, while maintaining elasticity. In this way three types of glass fiber yarns are produced: E-glass, S-glass and silica.

E-glass is used for the production of facade mesh LATYMER. We buy it, as well as the polymer coating, which is used to process the mesh for strength, and these are the only things we buy. Everything else is done at our factory.

Fiberglass mesh production

To our factory, wound into coils yarn comes. It is put in the creel, and the process of warping begins. Already at this stage it is clear on which machine the production of what kind of LATYMER mesh begins, because the settings for them will be different for mesh of different mass per unit area and mesh size.

Then weaving begins: weft direction yarn is being inserted. It is also important that the glass fibre yarns in the warp direction are not just taut in parallel, they are twisted. It means that each warp yarn in the woven fabric is convolute of two yarns. This makes the base stronger and distinguishes the LATYMER mesh from the products of many competitors.

Unique Halten Stark Impregnation

We use German glue dispersion with ultra-modern Halten Stark impregnation technology. This is the most important stage of production: it determines the excellent quality of the LATYMER mesh. By impregnating the woven fabric with glue dispersion, we give it the properties necessary for reinforcing, and also paint it in the desired color. If the adhesive dispersion is colorless, a white mesh is obtained. Blue, green, yellow mesh are obtained by impregnation with an adhesive dispersion of the corresponding color.

Finally, the finished LATYMER façade mesh passes quality control. Each batch is checked separately, very meticulously, and only after that the finished product is packed in rolls, which are stored in an upright position on special pallets. Conditions in the warehouse are also carefully monitored. The LATYMER factory takes pride in using an international control system, which means that it can claim that our glass fibre mesh meets all European standards.

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