Is fiberglass mesh so necessary?

Чи так потрібна штукатурна сітка? нужна штукатурная сетка fiberglass mesh so necessary

It’s clear that everybody of us tries to do our job the best way we can do. But only a few from us refuse to save money. It’s a very important task – to keep cost-quality balance.

Considering insulation works, someone may think: if fiberglass mesh is so cheap comparing to other building materials, it is not an important part. What if I throw it out of the budget or buy the cheapest one that tears in my hands?  It is unlikely that the quality will suffer greatly because of this little thing.

It’s a pity, but it’s fundamentally wrong approach. Fiberglass mesh plays a very important role ETICs system. And plastering work without it cannot be considered a high-quality one. Various state standards impose rather strict requirements on the quality of the mesh.

Why is it so important?  Because without such a small detail  as fiberglass mesh,  external wall looses it durability,  becomes not homogenous, but like consisting  from different parts with different  physical properties. And if  there is any push, shift or  lasting vibration – “lithosphere plate move” will start in the wall. As a result, the wall may collapse. It occurs not very seldom.

That’s why the fiberglass mesh must not only be presented, but it should meet all necessary requirements. In Ukraine there is DSTU B. V.2.6-36:2008 standard. The problem is that you cannot check if fiberglass mesh meets DSTU B. V.2.6-36:2008 standard, just looking on it. Only special equipment can do it. And you will never be sure if cheap imported  “nonames” meet DSTU standard. And we are sure that they do not meet this standard because we have checked them. We have all necessary measuring equipment, because we are the fiberglass mesh making plant LATYMER.

High quality, branded mesh meets all national and European standards.  That’s why if you want to make high quality construction, choose fiberglass mesh LATYMER. We recommend you LATYMER because it has Ukrainian price and European quality. And you will never receive crashed facades.

LATYMER keeps tight!