Fiberglass mesh: application

Штукатурна сітка: застосування. штукатурная сетка применяется fiberglass  mesh is used

First of all, fiberglass  mesh is used in base coats of External Thermal Insulation Coating Systems with rendering (ETICS). There are two insulation technologies: ventilated  and “wet” ones. Previously, in the territory of the former USSR, they mainly made ventilated ones. Everyone is accustomed to it and therefore in Ukraine they still continue to do it in such a way. In Europe and around the world, this technology is considered to be more expensive. As a result, the “wet” façade technology became the most popular. This option is practical and effective for countries with hot and cold climate.

So, ETICS  is installed using a special fiberglass mesh, i.e. plaster mesh. From what and how the fiberglass mesh is made, you can find out in detail on our website in the Production section. Regulation EAD 040016-00-0404 describes in greats all requirements to glass fibre mesh which is used in ETICS.

Our LATYMER plant produces mesh of the PROFESSIONAL, ECONOMIC and STANDARD series, which has a mass per unit area of 140-165 g/m2. So what is fiberglass mesh for?

Glass fibre mesh 140 g/m2 can be used in low-rise buildings, as well as for interior finishing works. Its density is insufficient for use in the high-rise buildings. But it is placed in the plaster layer along with the painting (architectural) mesh. One can use mesh of 160 g/m2 for these purposes, but this is not economically profitable. We are responsible for the quality of our products and guarantee their compliance with standards. We are sure that the fiberglass mesh that you buy from us will serve you more than 25 years. However, this is all true only when used correctly.  To insulate the walls of high-rise buildings, it is better to buy glass fibre mesh LATYMER PROFESSIONAL 165. And your facade will not collapse in case of strong gusts of wind and hitting it with hail.

If you need to reinforce the plaster layer for interior decoration, then feel free to buy ECONOMIC 140 and STANDARD 140 fiberglass mesh.

Depending on your needs, pay attention to the technical characteristics of the fiberglass mesh and follow the regulation EAD. Our experts will be happy to advise you and explain which fiberglass mesh is best for your particular case.

Buy LATYMER  – we stand for high quality!