Ventilated and wet façade: which is better?

Вентильований і мокрий фасад. мокрый wet

There are two technologies for creating insulated facades: ventilated and wet. Ventilated was invented before, and at first it was used everywhere. It has an important advantage: in this way you can insulate old houses, renewing and giving them a modern look.

Now, a wet facade (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) has rapidly become fashionable (for this type of a facade fiberglass mesh is needed). In general, the world is being rebuilt, and there is less and less need to renovate old buildings. Rapid population growth and changing quality standards are forcing new houses to be built. EIFS is much cheaper than a ventilated facade. Therefore, when a house is just being built, it is certainly more reasonable to choose an Exterior Insulation Finishing System.

Which facade mesh is better to use?

External Wall Insulation Systems are very popular in Europe now. The demand for materials for such facades is huge. Facade mesh is a small but very important detail of any facade. The poor quality of this part can easily lead to the collapse of the facade. Therefore, the building codes and standards stipulate strict requirements for the quality of the mesh. Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to irreversible consequences.

A boom of wet facades awaits Ukraine as well. It’s already starting. And the demand for the facade mesh is growing every year. But buying a European famous trademark is expensive, and an unnamed one is of poor quality. Therefore, it is better to use the products of a good proven Ukrainian manufacturer of fiberglass mesh. LATYMER is the biggest of such manufacturers.

We produce mesh for ETICS facade systems. The range of mesh mass per unit area is from 140 g/m2 to 160 g/m2 in the ECONOMIC and STANDARD series, and from 145 g/m2 to 165 g/m2 in the PROFESSIONAL series.

We are proud to display European quality certificates on our website. We state that so far we are the only Ukrainian manufacturer of glass fibre mesh that has received them.