What does our company guarantee that others cannot?

український виробник. украинский производитель

LATYMER is a Ukrainian manufacturer. First of all, this means that we are well aware of the Ukrainian realities, Ukrainian problems, and the building materials we use. We produce our facade mesh taking into account everything that needs to be considered, and even a little more. We also know about your problems and we can help you to solve them.

We guarantee:

– compliance with all standards adopted in Ukraine, as well as European standards;

– the price is lower than that of the same quality European counterparts;

– fast shipment of the quantity and the assortment that you need;

– prompt response to comments, if suddenly there are any;

– a strong facade, provided, of course, in case you do not violate the installation technology.

Why can’t others guarantee it?

LATYMER is the only plant in Ukraine certified according to EU standards. Nobody else in our country makes European quality – or has not proved it yet;

– both European and Chinese facade mesh must be transported from abroad. Often it is very long, expensive, requires a lot of paperwork and labor costs;

– due to the quarantine restrictions associated with coronavirus (COVID-19), goods from abroad, including fiberglass reinforcing mesh, may enter our country intermittently. Or they may not leave the exporting country at all for a long time;

– you cannot buy a small batch of 30 rolls from Europeans or Chinese suppliers – it is not profitable to carry it;

– if you send a complaint to a foreign company, it is unlikely that it will be in a hurry to answer. The complaint must first be translated and then answered. All this takes time, and who cares about this small client from a distant country. LATYMER values its reputation and wants to advance on the domestic market – in Europe we are already loved;

– we will easily and without delay provide you with all the certificates that many of our competitors simply do not have.

LATYMER: Europeans appreciated

Our products are sold in many EU countries. We ship to our European partners more than half of all fiberglass mesh that we produce. However, we do not have a special “export mesh”: we sell to Ukrainian companies exactly such products – of excellent European quality.

If you want to make a truly robust façade, reinforce the walls with LATYMER façade mesh. It is easy to use – it does not prick, does not break, does not stink. Durable fiberglass yarns, twisted into pigtails, serve as an excellent frame for the wall. This allows the plaster layer to be strengthened, just as armature reinforces concrete. And when you need fiberglass plastering mesh again, there will be no problem: we are always near.

LATYMER – on the protection of the facade!