Why we are the one who exports fiberglass mesh to Europe?

експортуємо фасадну сітку. фасадную сетку facade reinforcing mesh

To date, on the whole territory of Ukraine, LATYMER is the only plant who has certificates of conformity to both Ukrainian and European quality standards.

There is a full production cycle on LATYMER plant

We produce facade reinforcing mesh that is used for wall insulation using the “wet facade” technology. We buy only raw materials: glass fiber yarn and adhesive dispersion for impregnation. Everything else is done at the factory. Each stage of the production process meets the standards of the international quality control system. High quality of products and a full production cycle enable us to confirm annually the certificates of conformity adopted in Ukraine and the EU.

We can provide quality certificates and all necessary documents for your company to participate in tenders.

LATYMER keeps up with the times!

Fiberglass is a relatively new technology in itself, but we try to follow all the promising developments in the production of facade mesh. So, we purchase unique German adhesive dispersion and carry out impregnation using the modern Halten Stark technology. Combined with leno weaving, this type of coating gives the mesh incredible strength.

Our employees are trained abroad, adopting the experience of leading European manufacturers and implementing the world’s best trends in the production of mesh for plaster.

And all this is not for the sake of art, but for the sake of quality

Technology for technology’s sake does not interest us. We want to produce a truly high-quality facade mesh, which means that all the innovations that we introduce will certainly increase the technical characteristics of our products.

LATYMER mesh meets both Ukrainian building norms and European standards. It is of the same quality as the leading European brands, only much cheaper than they are.

You must remember that if you use a low-quality mesh, the facade will crack and may even collapse. To protect themselves from such problems, more and more builders in Ukraine and Europe are choosing LATYMER fiberglass mesh – high-quality and inexpensive.