How not to be deceived by an unscrupulous “facade maker”?

Як не потрапити на гачок недобросовісного «фасадчика»? Как не попасться на удочку недобросовестного «фасадчика»? How not to be deceived by an unscrupulous “facade maker”?

What “facade maker” can be called unscrupulous? That who is only interested in getting money as soon as possible, and does not care what will happen to the facade after all. He will not remake it – most likely, he simply will not get in touch if you try to send him a claim.

What can happen to the facade?

The smallest problem is serpentine cracks in the plaster. With this, as they say, one can live, although it is unpleasant: the wall becomes less strong, the plaster can fall off, even if several heavy trucks just drove past the house. And if there is a railway or tram tracks nearby – all would be lost.

Cracks can simply spoil the appearance of the facade, and can lead to bloating, falling off pieces of plaster – for example, on the head of a passer from the eighth floor. And of course, the thermal insulation of such damaged sections of the wall is greatly reduced.

If the workers installed poorly not only the reinforcing mesh, but also the insulation layer, it can move away or fall off the wall. The minimum problem is small cracks, because of which the residents of the house will freeze, but again it’s possible to injure a passerby with a piece of the facade.

The worst thing is that a poor-quality facade can simply collapse. Such collapses occur annually, and either builders or poor-quality materials are guilty. Or both at the same time.

What do we offer?

First of all, check the quality of the materials used. All of them must be certified and meet all standards! Insulation layer, plaster, reinforcing mesh, glue, and reinforcing mortar – absolutely everything that is bought for the facade must be certified!

Yes, without a certificate it’s cheaper. But this is a safety savings. It makes no sense to buy insulation, even the cheapest, if it does not eventually insulate anything.

We, the LATYMER factory, produce a reinforcing facade mesh of the so-called middle class, which means it is suitable for reinforcing the walls of houses of different heights. Premium class – this is the so-called anti-vandal mesh, which reinforce basement floors or use a stone finish; strictly speaking, not every home needs it. Our mesh has both Ukrainian and European quality certificates, it is exported to the EU and at the same time it is cheaper than European analogues, although it is not inferior in quality to them.

If you come across “facade makers” claiming that the LATYMER façade mesh is too expensive, then they are dishonest and are going to use low-quality material.

Buy LATYMER, do not save on safety!